💫 We believe that every company can stand out thanks to creativity and that every talent can live from it. Thus we wish that the freelancers with whom we collaborate have all the good aspects of independence and all the security of the workforce.

To do this, YouLoveWords must be able to grow. It is therefore necessary to find assignments with an ever-increasing number of clients.

Therefore, we remind you that contracting outside our platform will have several impacts on your business and the community.

📚 Your work will not be covered by our extended warranties

💸 Your payment will not be guaranteed

🔍 In the event of a dispute, YouLoveWords will not be able to intervene to help you

❌ We reserve the right to delete your YouLoveWords profile and therefore access to missions and the community if we learn that you have contracted outside YouLoveWords after being selected for a mission.

We hope you understand all these points and the stakes.
But there's no doubt you'll play the game 😇
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